The Bicentennial Barn Wedding Photos & Information

Bicentennial Barn Weddings

This beautifully restored historic barn wedding venue is rustic yet updated. I said to myself “Wow” when I pulled in the first time. The barn is huge and restored beautifully. You may think that a barn cannot be warm in the winter and cold in the summer, but this one is. The owners did a spectacular job making this a year-round wedding venue in the Dayton area.

Upon entering is a beautiful wood and iron staircase leading up to the event floor. The ground floor houses the buffet and cocktail space as well as the getting-ready rooms for the wedding couple. The smaller of the two rooms is reserved for the groom and groomsmen (when it is a man and a woman marrying). It is quite tiny with a huge television. The larger room is for the bride and bridesmaids and can easily accommodate 20 people. There are hair and makeup stations, plenty of natural light, mirrors, and restrooms. This is one of the best getting-ready rooms at any wedding or reception venue in Dayton.

My Take On Having A Wedding At Bicentennial Barn:

This barn in Huber Heights is a fully updated barn-themed wedding venue near I-70 and 235. There are adequate facilities and great bride and groom suites for the wedding party. There is plenty of space at this venue for a great party or Dayton wedding reception. The wedding and reception area upstairs is a huge open space with enough room for everyone to eat, dance, and party. It is shockingly large inside, so give it a look when trying to find the perfect 2024 Dayton wedding venue.

Why Should I Have My Wedding Here?

Choose this Dayton wedding venue if you are looking for a beautiful barn-themed venue with easy access to the highway and hotels.

Check out these Bicentennial Barn photos I shot on several occasions. Shout-out to the owners of this beautiful wedding venue!

Tip: Be very clear when giving directions to this venue. As a guest, it may seem like you are going the wrong way because it is a 25mph road and goes through a park.

Tip: The evening sun hits the barn entrance and provides beautiful light on this gorgeous venue. Use this to your advantage to get great photos.