Best Barn Wedding Venue In Dayton Ohio For 2024 Weddings And Receptions

My first wedding at Bicentennial Barn, the best barn wedding venue in Dayton OhIo and my 234th overall, was fantastic. This couple hired me to photograph their late Fall Dayton wedding, and the wait seemed so long. Once the day finally arrived, I was determined to create the best wedding photos I could. As a special gift, I also created beautiful wedding film for the couple.

The Wedding

Dayton’s best barn weddings take place on the main level, north side of the barn. There is no elevator and this is on the second floor. Keep that in mind if you have handicap guests. The chairs were laid out in rows with a center aisle and a beautiful arbor/pergola where the officiant stands. For this wedding, the wedding party, bride, and groom walked up the stairs from the ground floor to the ceremony site. This is a nice long walk and provided a lot of time for me to capture photos. Although there are not many windows, the lighting was pretty good for the ceremony.

The Reception

During the cocktail hour, guests head to the ground floor drinks and snacks While guests are celebrating, the main floor is being transformed into tables and seating for the reception. Also during this time, I took the bride, groom, and wedding party outside to do several formal and fun wedding photos. I had completed the family formals prior to the wedding, so there was extra time for the wedding party. It was nice enough outside that no one minded the cool air. The photos turned out great, and the wedding couple LOVED their wedding photos!

Do I Want To Shoot At This Dayton Barn Wedding & Reception Venue Again?

ABSOLUTELY!  I can’t wait to photograph again at the best barn wedding venue in Dayton!  I also wanted to tell you that the venue is well run, and the owners are very helpful.