Ault Park Pavilion Cincinnati Wedding Photos & Information

Ault Park Weddings

Choose this Cincinnati wedding and reception venue if want an iconic wedding and reception venue in a park setting close to downtown Cincinnati. This Cincy park is ideal for small weddings and receptions, and keep in mind that a beautiful weather day will make this a perfect outdoor venue. If you want to avoid any possible rain ruining your wedding and reception, steer clear of Ault Park. Weddings occur on the west side of the pavilion overlooking the park below.

Best Thing About An Ault Park Wedding:

The manicured lawns and trees make this garden and park setting beautiful, especially at sunset.

My Take On Having A Wedding Here:

The Pavilion is an indoor-outdoor wedding venue atop a beautiful park hill in the famous Cincinnati Park. This historic building has a large open area for guest seating, public restrooms, and plenty of free parking. I definitely recommend this wedding venue for a great Spring or Fall wedding in Cincinnati Ohio. It can get really hot, so be cautious if having a summer wedding at Ault Park. Wedding photographers in Cincinnati should always look forward to photographing this popular Cincinnati wedding and reception venue. I know I love photographing weddings in this Cincinnati Park.

Tip: Have a backup plan in case of rain. The actual indoor area is quite small. The booking people will have experience dealing with alternate rain plans, so just ask them.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a 100% private event, this park is not for you. There will be 10s to 100s of park visitors that could be in your photos or milling around outside your event.