Benham’s Grove Centerville Ohio Wedding Photos & Information

Benham’s Grove Weddings

Although this is currently a smaller Dayton wedding venue, weddings are always beautiful and receptions are always fun. Make sure you have a plan in case it rains. There are very few indoor spaces. Benham’s Grove is adding a giant new indoor facility to the south side of the property. This was announced in January 2024.

Benham’s Grove in Centerville, Ohio is a beautiful place to have a small wedding and reception. There is a beautiful, historic house for the bridal party to use for preparation. Wedding photographers in Dayton Ohio will find the gazebo to be a pretty backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The pond is a decent spot for photos as long as you avoid the trash dumpsters and parking lot to the south.

Why Should I Have My Wedding At Benham’s Grove?

Choose this small Dayton wedding venue if you want an outdoor barn-themed wedding. Starting in 2024, they are adding a beautiful, large, and state-of-the-art indoor venue. Make sure to check it out when it opens.

My Take On Having A Wedding Here?

Every year or two as a wedding photographer in Dayton Ohio, I photograph a wedding here. This is a historic property near the intersection of Main Street and 725 in Centerville, Ohio. Although it is on a busy street, wedding ceremonies and receptions are quiet and feel like you are out in the country. If you are considering a Dayton area wedding, I love the amazing wedding photos that have been taken at this quaint wedding venue.

Tip: Have a backup plan in case of rain. The actual indoor area is quite small. The booking people will have experience dealing with alternate rain plans, so just ask them.

Tip: If you are looking for a 100% private event, this park is not for you. There will be 10s to 100s of park visitors that could be in your photos or milling around outside your event.