Downtown Dayton’s Wright Stop Plaza RTA Building In Nighttime Photos

Dayton’s Wright Stop Plaza building in downtown Dayton Ohio is Greater Dayton RTA’s crown jewel. This beautiful building at the corner of Main Street and 3rd Street has recently been updated and beautified. You can find it caddy-corner from the old courthouse and Courthouse Square and directly across Main Street from One Dayton Centre. This is at the downtown RTA bus hub that stretches between Jefferson Street and Main Street.

The uplighting and green LED lighting at night make this building stand out among the other Dayton architecture. Nighttime Dayton Ohio photos can be beautiful. If you need your building photographed, I can help. Although this was spec work, I do provide quality commercial photography in southwest Ohio.

Dayton’s Wright Stop Plaza Bus Information

Additionally, I have no affiliation with the Greater Dayton RTA and have no bus route information. Thanks! I added a few daytime photos to this page so you can see the difference between night and day.

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is a vital transportation system that serves the Dayton, Ohio community. With a comprehensive network of bus routes and services, the RTA provides convenient and reliable transportation options. From downtown Dayton to surrounding suburbs, the RTA ensures that commuters can reach their destinations. With a commitment to sustainability, the RTA has incorporated eco-friendly practices like hybrid buses and alternative fuel sources. Their dedication to serving the community is evident. Lastly, the Greater Dayton RTA plays a crucial role in connecting people, supporting economic growth, and enhancing the quality of life in the Dayton area.

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