Dayton Ohio’s Centre City Building Is The Large Yellow And Green Skyscraper In Downtown

Dayton Ohio’s Centre City Building sits at the intersection of Fourth Street and Main Street. This building is an abandoned, beautiful, and historic skyscraper. Driving into or around the city, you can easily see this yellow and green brick skyscraper from anywhere. This iconic piece of the city’s history is currently being analyzed for redevelopment.

Dayton Arcade and Levitt Pavilion share the intersection with this skyscraper. The redevelopment should be successful if it involves Cross Street Partners. This would be a big deal for the City of Dayton.

Also, the building is inaccessible, and I refuse to trespass for any reason. So, these photos are of the exterior building and from looking into a door on the east side. There is a large penthouse apartment at the top of this large ornate building that I want to photograph at some point. I did not enter this building because I only access buildings legally. Lastly, I hope to gain legal access to photograph every inch of this place.

What must this place have originally looked like with new windows and a copper roof? The green and yellow together are beautiful, but the original copper color would have been awesome too. I can imagine what it was like for people long ago to see this giant skyscraper in little old downtown Dayton. Additionally, I enjoy being a Dayton commercial photographer.

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