The Best Observation Deck In Los Angeles Is Los Angeles City Hall

If you are looking for an observation deck in Los Angeles, the one at the top of L.A. City Hall is the best. The magnificent building features a free, non-de script viewing platform overlooking downtown, the west, the south, and the north. After clearing security, take the elevator to the top floor. Once there, you have to go up one of two staircases to access the deck. It isn’t marked. Once up the steps, you’ll be in a small gathering room with tables and chairs. There are doors leading to outside viewing platforms that can maybe hold 6 people each. It was quite odd but wonderful.

Getting To The Best Observation Deck In Los Angeles

Although it took a while to find a parking lot, I finally did. Just a block to the southwest is a multi-story garage that is not obviously a garage. Just be patient and locate the entrance. Overall, I think it was really reasonably priced at $8 per day. Metered parking is somewhat close, but most of what I saw was 15-minute parking only. Be aware that the street parking around City Hall is for government vehicles only and other meters are too far to walk in 15 minutes.

What Can You See

The cost (free) and the views were the best part. To the north you can see Dodger Stadium and the mountains surrounding L.A. Looking to the south and west you can see the rest of downtown. To the east, you can see how far L.A. stretches in that direction. The coolest things in this direction were the famous arched bridges and rain culverts from movies like Grease. These are two of the only Los Angeles tourist attractions I didn’t see up close, so it was nice to see them from a distance. While downtown, make sure to check out the La Brea Tar Pits too.

Check out my all-time favorite observation deck, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt in New York City.