SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Is New York City’s Best Observation Deck

Summit One Vanderbilt was a truly life-changing night in my life. I knew that New York City’s newest observation deck was going to be unique. This tourist attraction was mind-blowing! We timed our entry to coincide with the summer sunset. This experience reminded me of why I love being a travel photographer.

The Experience At SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

First, the staff and facility at this building next to Grand Central Terminal are nothing but classy. Once through ticketing, we were placed in a queue in a dark hallway with futuristic music and thunderstorms. It was quite odd and different from other observation experiences I have had. We next rode the incredibly smooth elevator up 90 stories to walk out onto a two-story open floor with mirrors covering the floor and ceiling, and windows lining 3 sides. It was mesmerizing and disorienting at the same time. We spent an hour in this room marveling at the view of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and all the people in the room. After we left the room, we went to the other rooms that were set up with various art installations. This is a word class experience.

The New York City Sunset

Being a photographer, I know the best times to photograph things. It is something inherent in me. So when I booked tickets for this attraction, I knew what type of outdoor light to expect. When we first entered, it was golden hour. Most of the city lights were still off. As the sun began its descent behind New Jersey, the city lights came on. This is such a magic way to see NYC. 90 stories in the air. Many people were gathered around the western windows of the building to watch the sunset while I looked south onto Manhattan.

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