Los Angeles County Museum Of Art Is A World Class Art Museum With Personality

Exploring The Outside Of The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

In October 2023, I visited the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles California and inadvertently ran into LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. I was exploring the ground of the Tar Pits and came across a large well-manicured gravel area. In the middle was a concrete culvert with the biggest rock I’ve ever seen. After I was done looking at fossils and asphalt, I went to see what turned out to be LACMA.

Most other art museums I have seen are old and made of stone.  Buildings like London’s National Gallery have classic architecture such as columns.  LACMA’s exterior stood out to me because of its red and white colors, sharp lines, and massive outdoor space.  I love the vibe outside of this museum!

This area comprised several acres of the northernmost edge of the museum. It was lined with beautiful tall pines reminiscent of Palm Springs. I walked down the culvert thinking “when am I ever going to have a huge rock above me again?” No one else was around so initially I wasn’t sure if I could walk through. After, I walked by the main entrance and the food trucks. I ultimately ended up by the Urban Light streetlight art installation outside.

Urban Light

This was originally on my must-do list, but I wasn’t going to have time to drive there. When I discovered it on this day, I was elated! While I thought it was cool for five minutes. The only way I’d go back is if I could photograph a model, senior, or wedding couple in front of it. I would like to go into the museum at some point as well. I just didn’t have time on this trip.

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