New Year’s Eve Oregon District Engagement Photos Dayton Ohio Winter Pics

Ending a great 2023 with an New Year’s Eve Oregon District engagement session was awesome. This couple contacted me a few weeks ahead of time to schedule my final photography session of the year. We met at Salar (Oregon District) on Fifth Street on a freezing cold evening 30 minutes before sunset. As we started the session it began to snow lightly which you can see in some of the photos below. So as the snow came down, I began to photograph this couple.

I’ve photographed dozens of engagement sessions and senior pictures in this particular setting, so my challenge is to create unique photos for every client. With this couple, we were able to use the interior of Salar due to their upcoming reservation. There were patrons dining inside, so we used the New Year’s Eve decorations and the covered patio for a few photos. We spent most of the 25 minutes outside with the bride-to-be freezing in her dress. I always have ideas in mind going into a shoot. In this case, quick action resulted in good photos and a couple who was able to escape the cold as quickly. as possible.

My Artistic Approach To This Oregon District Engagement Session

As an artist, I decide if I want to isolate the subjects or have the background by more prominent in the photos. For this evening, taking into account the grey skies and lack of foliage, I opted for isolating them. My favorite example of this is the first photo with the couple facing downtown Dayton and Fifth Street blurred behind them. Her stoic look and his hand in his pocket added something extra to the photo. I also wanted to highlight her tattoos which I loved. Her sparkling dress made me look forward to my upcoming Great Gatsby-themed wedding.

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