I Scored My First Magazine Cover And I Am Again A Published Photographer

In November 2021, I officially scored my first magazine cover and feature story as a published photographer in Dayton. The University of Dayton Magazine commissioned me to photograph the Dayton Arcade for a before-and-after series. Check out my first magazine cover and feature here.

My directive was to photograph students entering and exiting The Hub, students using The Hub, and anything else involving UD students and the arcade. At one point I was able to capture students coming and going from the RTA Flyers into The Hub.

Although I have been published dozens of times in calendars, fliers, postcards, and more, this piece was very special to me. l have loved the Arcade since I was little, and the fact that I brought together this property, my UD work, and my photography is mind-blowing.

In May 2017 I gained legal access to the Arcade and got to see it before any demolition or work had begun. In fact, it would be a year later when Cross Street Partners out of Baltimore would begin any work. I used my 2017 photos to get in with CSP and eventually made myself an official Dayton Arcade photographer. As I worked at the University of Dayton, they knew of my photography business and relationship to the arcade. It is cool how my love for the arcade came together with my job at UD.

I Scored My First Magazine Cover – How I Made It

The cover shot came from a few hours of photos with students in them. I photographed students heading to class, in class, and leaving class. The photo below is of students getting off the RTA Flyer bus heading into The Hub on Main Street. Later I would photograph the RTA Flyer in front of the Arcade. A nice synergy of sorts. The Dayton organizations are working together. Contact me for your commercial photography needs.

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