Artistic Dayton Arcade Photos Using Mirrors And More

After having been a Dayton Arcade commercial photographer since 2018, I decided to try to create some unique artistic images of the main features of this building. For some photos, I used a circular mirror to capture this historic Dayton building. The glass rotunda is so large and tall that it is hard to capture to floor and ceiling at once. To that end, see the photos below and see the floor along with the ceiling. I opted for black and white photos to increase the contrast in these photos.

Creating Artistic Dayton Arcade Photos Using Mirrors

I had been at an arts and crafts store before the photo session and I bought a circular mirror that would create some fascinating photos. My favorite is the one where the mirror is lying on the rotunda floor and the glass ceiling is fully reflected in it. I love the way the straight lines and curved lines play off one another in real life as well as in the reflection. In some of the shots, it is hard to tell which is real and which is a double.

Occasionally it benefits my creative brain to experiment with different photography ideas. I would never do this during important parts of a wedding day, for example. You won’t see me trying mirror shots during the first kiss, of course. So for the Arcade photos, I wanted to do something no one else had done. I already have thousands of photos here, but what could I do to get something new? I thought about square or rectangle mirrors, but since the room is round, I figured circular mirrors would be best. To my surprise, my favorite shot is the one where I set the mirror on the floor and stepped back. It almost looks like the rotunda roof is a portal in the floor.

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