Dayton Arcade Holly Days 2022 Christmas Celebration In Downtown Dayton Ohio

During the 2022 Christmas season, I photographed the 2nd annual Holly Days at the Dayton Arcade. This Christmas tradition features performances, craft vendors, food vendors, and a great community gathering space. I have been photographing this historic building since 2017 when the City Of Dayton owned it, and it was left for dead. This is the second year in a row that Cross Street Partner, the owner and developer, had me out to photograph this beautiful and festive holiday event. It was nice seeing all of the local vendors selling their arts, and crafts, wares, and food. Since this was my second year photographing the event, I tried to capture some unique angles. I interacted with all the vendors to capture them and their booths as well.

I enjoy being a Dayton commercial photographer, helping the businesses and people of this great city. Check out my Arcade weddings page to get comprehensive info on weddings here.

About Dayton Arcade Holly Days 2022

This will hopefully become a new downtown Dayton tradition during the holidays. It is great seeing the community come together to celebrate the holidays and to shop locally. Each year there are 30 vendors, alcohol, coffee, and more that take part. There are always food vendors such as ice cream, and art vendors such as Tom Gilliam Photography. Tom is one of my two fellow Arcade photographers.

This year I liked the winter trees that were on the north side of the rotunda. The rotunda is so large it demands large decorations to make it feel more welcoming. Weddings here require plenty of decorations to make this space not feel empty and barren.

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