Oakes Quarry Park Photos & Engagement Session Location Information

Oakes Quarry Park Description

This is a beautiful moon-like public park located between Fairborn and Medway Ohio near the intersection of I-70 and I-675. This Beavercreek Wetlands Association park, owned by the City of Fairborn, Ohio feels like you are on a different planet. The ground is hard limestone and has sparse vegetation growing out of the cracks. On a cloudy day, this can be a great place for unique engagement session photos, just 20 minutes from downtown Dayton. If you are looking to do your photos in nature but want a unique location, this unique park north of Dayton may be for you.

When approaching the park from the east or the west, you will inevitably miss it on your first attempt. There is a small limestone sign that blends into the environment. The parking lot is large and unpaved without permanent facilities here. Additionally, there is nothing really near the park, so come prepared. There is one port-a-potty in the parking lot and very little shade.

This is technically a prairie wetland park, so there can be wild grasses growing through the rocks or various bird species. I love walking around and looking at the various rock formations that were uncovered during its mining heyday. There is a small amount of graffiti in this park, so be sure to stay away from that during your photos.

This park is probably a million years old or older, and now hundreds of people cross ancient limestone fossils such as sea shells per week. This park includes foot trails and horseback trails that cross the ancient and desolate landscape. So far, I have never seen any horses here, but it is an option. When I am there, I wonder what types of coral reefs must have been here millennia ago. Who knows! 

Oakes Quarry Park Highlights

  • Address: 1267 E Xenia Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324
  • Easy access from I-675 and I-70 and State Route 235 and State Route 4
  • Very unique rock-based location
  • Beautiful ponds
  • Interesting vegetation growth is not seen in other area parks.
  • Not as frequently used as other parks due to being relatively new and in an underutilized area of town
  • Reasons You Should Choose: If you want a moon-like engagement session, Oakes Quarry Park is it.
  • Reasons To Not Choose: This park offers very little shade, so sunny days can be challenging for photographers and for people who are heat-sensitive.

TIP: There is no shade here!  This can create dynamic or challenging photos depending on the photographer.