Hills And Dales MetroPark Photos & Engagement Session Location Info

Hills And Dales MetroPark Description

This park in Kettering Ohio is a small park that provides beautiful backdrops for engagement session photos in Dayton. This Dayton area engagement location features a pergola, a small pond, and easy access. There are trails as well, but most look similar. There aren’t many options for various backdrops here, but what is there is beautiful.

Out of all the Hills and Dales engagement photos I have done, only one couple has gone to the stone castle-like building. There is very little room around it, so it is not ideal for photos. I almost always spend time around the pond. The pond is really small, but a photographer who knows what they are doing can create dozens of interesting and unique photos here. I really like when the water is calm and I can create reflections of the water. There are only about eight parking spots, so plan to get there early. Also, please know that this is heavily wood and hilly. Not a lot of sun reaches the area. Evening portraits will not work well at this park.

Hills And Dales MetroPark Highlights

  • Address: 2655 S Patterson Blvd, Kettering, OH 45409
  • Permit Requirement: A daily or yearly permit is required for photo sessions
  • Beautiful in fall
  • Huge trees
  • Pond with pergola
  • Easy to walk to and through
  • Reasons You Should Choose: Close parking and short walking trail.
  • Reasons To Not Choose: Due to large trees, it gets dark earlier than in other places.
  • Warning: Permit required

TIP: Don’t expect much sun here as the secluded nature and tall trees block most of the direct sun.