Dayton Grotto Gardens Photos & Engagement Session Location Info

Dayton Grotto Gardens Description

Dayton Grotto Gardens is on the property of the Dayton V.A. just south and west of downtown. It is an underused and very beautiful park which you can book for weddings and events. It is free to use for portraits and engagement sessions as long as there isn’t an event taking place.

The grounds are compact and have dozens of beautiful backdrops that can be used for engagement photos, portraits, pet photos, and more. Although the grotto areas are spectacular, they are quite small. While it hasn’t been busy on the days I’ve been there, it could be challenging with several groups of people. Several small waterfalls, a giant pond with a fountain, and short walking trails are great to use as well.

Dayton Grotto Gardens is an engagement session location in Dayton, Ohio I had never heard of prior to 2023. Walking through this oasis by the highway (mere yards from a busy road) you are transported into a world of natural beauty and tranquility. It was quite surprising to me the first time I arrived. The gardens boast a diverse collection of plants, with varying flower beds bursting with colors. Strolling along the winding paths, you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and serenity as you explore the various grottos scattered throughout the grounds. Each grotto is uniquely designed, featuring charming waterfalls, lush vegetation, and calming stone formations. Lastly, Dayton Grotto Gardens is not only a small oasis for nature lovers in our city, but also a popular venue for outdoor weddings and engagements, offering a breathtaking backdrop for unforgettable memories.

Dayton Grotto Gardens Highlights

  • Address: South Gettysburg Avenue at Tennessee Avenue Dayton, OH 45428
  • Permit Requirement: None
  • Small waterfalls
  • Large pond with fountains
  • Natural rock (grotto) formation
  • Small covered dock
  • Amazing foliage – some of the best in Dayton!
  • Reasons You Should Choose: The foliage and number of photo spots are outstanding.
  • Reasons To Not Choose: Winter is probably not the best time for photos here

TIP: This Dayton engagement location is underused and not busy at all.  Take advantage of it!