Bruce Springsteen Concert Nationwide Arena 2024

In April 2024, Bruce Springsteen made good on his Columbus Ohio tour stop. He had postponed twice during 2023, so the hype for his return was immense. While I didn’t get to stay for the concert, I was one of three professional concert photographers who had the honor of photographing Bruce.

When he first came out onto a dark stage, the crowd yelled “BRUCE!!!” in a low unison tone, almost sounding like “BOOO.” It took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. Then, the band started to play and the lights came up. There he was, 120 feet in front of me. One of the most famous entertainers and musicians in history. It amazed me how agile he was considering his age. He moves like he’s 20 years old. I appreciate a musician who takes care of themselves, and he sure does. Thank you Bruce Springsteen for keeping your word to come to Nationwide Arena after postponing shows. The concert crowd and I appreciated it.

This show was photographed for Cincinnati CityBeat and published on their website. It is great shooting for this publication, and I always appreciate my contacts there. It also was not lost on me that only three of us were photographing one of the biggest tours to come to Columbus in 2024.