Charleston Falls Photos & Dayton Area Engagement Session Location Info

Charleston Falls Preserve Description

At the intersection of Tipp City, Vandalia, and Huber Heights Ohio is Charleston Falls Preserve, a beautiful park with a waterfall at which to create outdoor engagement photos. This Dayton area engagement session location is about twenty minutes north of Dayton and features the aforementioned waterfall, a beautiful pond, and some of the most unique hiking trails in Dayton.

I suggest to my engaged couples that they prepare for a long walk. On a humid day, this can mean messed up makeup and a sweaty couple. This park is best in the spring and fall to avoid the heat. Taking the path to the right takes you back to the falls, the centerpiece of this Miami County park. The mist coming off the bottom of the falls necessitates quick portraits. As you step back from the water, you can use the stairs for other beautiful engagement portraits.

Walking to the left, away from the falls, provides a more tranquil less used area for photos. My favorite spot is a picturesque pond surrounded by cattails. During the late summer and fall, the grass can be 3-4 feet tall, providing a prairie-like look to your photos. The pond, on calm days, is good for several reflection shots as well. No matter which part of the park you use, your pictures will be great.

Charleston Falls Preserve Highlights

  • Address: 2535 Ross Rd, Tipp City, OH 45371
  • Permit Requirement: A daily permit is required for photo sessions
  • Large waterfall
  • Walking trails
  • Fields
  • Tall grasses
  • Pond with dock
  • Reasons You Should Choose: The largest waterfall in the Dayton area.
  • Reasons To Not Choose: It is a 1/2-mile walk to the falls.
  • Warning: Permit required

TIP: This park closes promptly at sunset, so be sure to exit the parking lot before this.