A Soaking Wet Dayton Engagement Session In The Fountains

This fantastic Dayton couple had a really fun Dayton engagement session with me in the Oregon District and Deeds Point MetroPark. This engagement shoot started with some awesome Dayton-centric backdrops. This was the only engagement session in a fountain I’ve ever done and was where the rivers meet near downtown. While I have taken thousands of photos in the historic neighborhood bordered by State Route 35 on the south, I try hard. I tend to make a half-mile loop down different streets. This is to give everyone a unique session with backgrounds that others don’t have. Of course, there are some places such as Brim, that I use every time. Brim is the bright yellow hat store on Fifth Street.

What made this session extra fun is that we ended the shoot in the RiverScape MetroPark fountains. We knew the Riverscape fountain schedule ahead of time and made sure to be there early. As soon as the water started shooting out, we ran down the hill to the bike path. They only ran for a few minutes, and we acted fast. They danced in the fountain, hugging and kissing each other the entire time. It was incredibly fun. The couple was 100% soaked by the end. Thankfully, my professional camera gear is weather-sealed and sustained no damage.

Riverscape Perfect For An Engagement Session In A Fountain

Located in the heart of downtown Dayton, the Riverscape Fountains offer a refreshing and vibrant oasis for both locals and visitors alike. These enchanting water features have become an iconic symbol of the city, captivating anyone who witnesses their mesmerizing beauty. With a perfectly synchronized dance of water jets and playful patterns, the fountains provide endless entertainment and joy. Whether it’s children joyfully splashing about, couples strolling hand in hand, or friends gathering for a picnic on the nearby grassy knolls, the Riverscape Fountains create an atmosphere of togetherness and laughter. As the water gracefully dances under the warm rays of the sun, the fountains serve as a tranquil retreat, inviting individuals to pause, connect, and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

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