Vandalia-Butler High School Senior Pictures

In 2023 I had the pleasure of creating senior pictures for my nephews, a Vandalia-Butler High School senior. I have been working with him for 18 years, so I know him in and out. I know that his shoulders tend to come forward prior to photos. He is such a pro now that he knows to straighten his back and pull his shoulders back. Taking directions is a strong point of his, so photographing his senior photos was incredibly easy. I love taking Vandalia-Butler senior pictures.

We started the day with an hour-long session at Carriage Hill MetroPark in Huber Heights. The working farm provided great backdrops such as grey- ood barns, red wood barns, and plenty of texture. There are white fences and red brick to use as well. You can see from the photos below that I use a variety of locations and poses to capture his personality. Carriage Hill is great for these reasons.

Once done at the farm, we spent 30 minutes photographing him on the Bulter baseball field. His high school baseball career took place here, so we opted to use it in the photos. While he didn’t wear a full uniform, we did many photos in his Aviator pullover. I loved using the ball, bat, and glove as props too.