Glen Helen Preserve Photos & Yellow Springs Engagement Session Location Info

Glen Helen Nature Preserve Description

This Yellow Springs Ohio park is a beautiful and peaceful engagement session location in the Dayton area. About 30 minutes from Dayton, Yellow Springs provides a quiet and unique setting for gorgeous engagement photos.

Take the time to walk to the bottom of Glen Helen to discover a beautiful creek with a picturesque bridge over it. There is also a very small waterfall on the east side of the bridge. This part is not overdone or overrun with people, so take your time. Enjoy the beauty of this deep valley park, and your photos will be great. This park is very hilly and wooded, so don’t expect too much open space for engagement photos.

Glen Helen Nature Preserve Highlights

  • Address: 405 Corry St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387
  • Eclectic buildings as backdrops
  • Natural springs
  • The laidback vibe in town
  • Close to Young’s Jersey Dairy and Tecumseh Land Trust sunflower field
  • Glen Helen Nature Preserve
  • Lots of colors on the buildings
  • Reasons You Should Choose: Eclectic stores and homes can be used as backgrounds.
  • Reasons To Not Choose: A congested downtown area on the weekend may be an issue.
  • Warning: Fee required

TIP: There are many eclectic spots to photograph in town with the beautiful park just to the east.  With enough time, you can combine the two.