Dayton Senior Photos In A Park Vandalia Butler High School Senior

At Kevin Lush Photography, I specialize in Vandalia senior pictures, capturing your unique personality and preserving this momentous chapter of your life. Senior portraits are not just about taking a nice photo; they represent your individuality, accomplishments, and dreams for the future. It’s a chance to reflect on your high school years and showcase your interests, hobbies, and passions. Also, senior photography offers a way to freeze time and immortalize this transformative phase of your life. Plus, it is really fun for me to take these photos!

When you choose Kevin Lush Photography for your senior pictures, you can expect a personalized and customized experience that goes beyond simple snapshots. Creating stunning artistic shots that tell your story and capture the essence of who you are motivates me.

I have extensive experience, photographing thousands of people since 2007. I understand how important it is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, so I create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere that allows your true personality to shine through.

Senior Photos In Vandalia

For this great summer 2023 Dayton senior photography session, a Vandalia-Butler High School senior hired me to photograph in and around Vandalia, Ohio. As this city is very special to me, I had plenty of ideas of where to photograph him. We started at the high school, moved to Seger Park, and ended up on National Drive in the city’s central business district. We finished up our senior pictures session down by the river in the secluded Aullwood MetroPark at the south side of Englewood dam.

Top 3 Things I Love About Photographing Seniors

  1. Vandalia is an underused city for senior pictures

  2. It is the school district where I went to school, so photos are meaningful to me

  3. Generally, I know the area well, so I have endless ideas for senior photo locations north of downtown Dayton

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