Cincinnati Senior Portrait Photographer Memorial Hall OTR 2023

During the summer of 2023, I had the pleasure of photographing my first Memorial Hall senior pictures. I have done Music Hall (next door) senior photos during the pandemic. Memorial Hall in Over The Rhine’s Washington Park sits just to the south of Music Hall. These were taken of a kid I’ve known since birth. I used to work with his mom and have been friends with his dad for almost 20 years. For this session I had 3 hours inside this Cincinnati concert venue, and we used every minutes.

Outside The Venue

We started out photographing this high school senior in the area surrounding the park. We used an alley, Music Hall’s steps, and a live music neon sign. I could spend hours photographing a senior within a one block radius of Memorial Hall. The choices for Memorial Hall senior pictures are endless when you include the exterior and surrounding area.

Inside The Venue

Once we got access to the hall, I went to work. I had already photographed Memorial Hall empty a few years ago. This gave me plenty of ideas going into this session. Additionally, the parents had plenty of ideas, wardrobe changes, and props. We had a great time capturing this kid’s personality while utilizing the space.

I have done Music Hall senior photos before just after the pandemic let up. Coincidentally, those photos were for another person I had worked with starting more than 20 years ago. I didn’t realize the coincidence until I was writing this blog post. Check out more of my Dayton and Cincinnati senior photography.

Five Best Things About Memorial Hall Senior Photos

  1. The beauty of the auditorium

  2. The intimate nature of the venue makes it less overwhelming

  3. The stage lights create a unique look to the senior photos

  4. You can take indoor senior photos in Cincinnati that are not in a studio

  5. They are unique – not many people get their senior pictures in a historic performance space

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