Avenged Sevenfold In Concert At Heritage Bank Center 2024

The Avenged Sevenfold concert at Cincinnati Ohio’s Heritage Bank Center was a different but good experience. Although I had never listened to the group, I was intrigued at the prospect of photographing them. I will often not listen to an artist ahead of time. I want my three songs of concert photography along with the music to form a solid first impression.

The concert began and the first thing I saw was the singer, M. Shadows in a black ski mask. I knew we were in for an interesting show, and it did not disappoint. The three guitarists and M. Shadows gave the crowd and me (and other photographers) great visuals. They can to the edge of the stage where the pit is and play directly to us. It is always a blast when the musicians want to be photographed. Avenged Sevenfold definitely delivered what I was looking for!

In reviewing past concerts by Avenged, I was really excited about the stage show. They usually have a huge show loaded with pyro. As we were walking to the stage, another photographer let me know that the current incarnation would have no pyro. White this was disappointing, I was somewhat glad. My photos wouldn’t look like others’ from years past.