Taylor Swift Nashville Night 3 Rain Show Nissan Stadium 5 Hour Delay

In May 2023, we were in Nashville Tennessee to see night 3 of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour at Nissan Stadium across the Cumberland River from downtown. The first two nights of Nashville concerts were beautiful and warm. Unfortunately, our concert was on Sunday and featured a 3.5-hour performance by Taylor preceded by a 5.5-hour thunderstorm delay. 70000 fans and hundreds more workers hunkered down in every nook and cranny of Nissan Stadium from 5 pm until 10:30 pm due to a nasty, hours-long string of thunderstorms. Taylor Swift Nashville night 3 rain show – an epic evening at Nissan Stadium!!!

As you can see from the photos, Mother Nature was quite angry that night. You can also see a completely full stadium with no one in sight in the first photo. This was several hours into our massive storm delay. My group was lucky because we were on the upper deck of the stadium in a breezeway that led between the stadium bowl and views of downtown Nashville. Thousands of other people were less lucky than us and were stuck in tunnels under the stadium for hours.

Taylor Swift is absolutely the best and played a 3.5-hour show ending at 1:35 am!! Later in 2023, I would get to photograph Taylor Swift in Cincinnati as a professional concert photographer.