Grace Potter Performed An Energetic Concert At Cincinnati’s Andrew J Brady Music Center

I have wanted to photograph Grace Potter for several years. The concert photos of her that some of my concert photographer friends post are always really wild. I wanted to see her for myself. In October, I had the chance to photograph the Grace Potter Concert 2023 at the Andrew J Brady Music Center in Cincinnati. Since it was so late in the year, the concert took place inside. Eddie 9v opened the show.

Photographing The Grace Potter Concert 2023

The way I described Grace to my friends is the sound of a blues-rock singer with the energy and moves of Janice Joplin and Tina Turner. Although she was great to photograph, she was also difficult to shoot. She moved so quickly and abruptly that was hard to pull focus. This is not a complaint by any means. I’d rather deal with this than with a band that is 100% stationary. At least I was able to get dozens of different shots and angles. I was thrilled with the images, especially this first one!

The Brady Music Center

This is a great concert venue in Cincinnati.  It is dark, black, and the best-sounding venue I’ve ever been to.  Whatever the engineers did to make this the perfect sounding concert hall was magic!