Artistic Photos Of The Oculus Train Station And Mall New York City

In 2022 we went on our fifth trip to New York City. This trip was a birthday surprise to see the opening night of Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden. While we stayed in the West Village, we did plenty of sightseeing around Lower Manhattan. Below are some photos of The Oculus Transportation Hub and mall at One World Trade. This magnificent architectural marvel is a beautiful addition to lower Manhattan. Check out some of my stunning photos of the Oculus train station.

Photographing The Oculus Train Station

You can visit this train station and mall many times and never see the same thing twice. Being a travel photographer, I look for different lighting conditions to create my photography. The Oculus is the perfect place to do this since it has large vertical ridges. The movement of the sun casts very artistic shadows throughout.

There are no tripods allowed in the building, but there are railings to use if you need a long exposure. I hadn’t done this but still tried to keep as many people out of the photos as possible. I love this building and can’t wait to photograph it in the early morning.

The Oculus Train Station in New York City is a truly remarkable architectural masterpiece. Designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, this futuristic structure is a symbol of modernity and innovation. As you step inside, you are immediately greeted by an abundance of natural light that illuminates the vast concourse adorned with sleek white marble. The station’s soaring ceilings, inspired by the wings of a bird, create a sense of grandeur and space that is truly awe-inspiring. The Oculus serves as a major transportation hub, seamlessly connecting various subway lines, buses, and even PATH trains. Beyond its functional purpose, the Oculus is an architectural marvel that captures the essence of New York City’s boldness and ambition.

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