New York City Travel Photos From My Unique Perspective

In August 2022 I took my wife on our fifth trip to New York City. This trip was a birthday surprise to see the Harry Styles concert opening night at Madison Square Garden. While we spent a few nights in the West Village, we did plenty of sightseeing. Below are some New York City travel photos of The Village, Washington Square Park, the Friends apartment building, and more.

We have been fans of Friends (NBC TV) since it first aired but never visited the Friends building. Well, we were five minutes away, so we visited. The building is more beautiful in person than on television. It is in a really cool neighborhood with other residences and restaurants. This is the only TV or movie location we have ever searched. Although, no matter where you go in NYC, you recognize filming locations.

On this trip, we mostly stayed between the financial district and midtown Manhattan. Since we have visited so many times, I worked hard to create unique New York City images for myself. Even if a building is recognizable to most people, I wanted to photograph a piece that would be ambiguous in a photo. The goal is. to make others and myself think about what they are seeing.

It is virtually impossible to make a unique photograph in New York, so each time, I try to create travel photographs of things that are meaningful to me. I look for angles that tourists are shooting from, and then I go somewhere else. I get down low or get up high to see things that others don’t. After the rain, I love using puddles to get reflections that most people just walk through. I like to think differently about composition.

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