6 Steps For Picking A Good Wedding DJ Or Emcee In Dayton

Having photographed over 200 weddings, I have seen many DJs from great to awful. I’ve also seen DJ crews (3 people) down to an iPad playlist. To help you, the future wedding couple, I have put together some tips to help you find the right DJ for your wedding in Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus. I hope you find the 6 steps for picking a good wedding DJ helpful in your wedding planning.

Here Are The 6 Steps For Picking A Good Wedding DJ

Keep It Clean

  • Always ensure your DJ is playing clean (not explicit) music. There have been many times when the song has “bad” words in it or explicit content. This does not offend me but is inappropriate at weddings.

Keep It Moving

  • Make sure the DJ keeps the day moving – he/she is the engine that drives your wedding day. Once you hit the reception space, the DJ is running the show. A good, organized DJ will keep your event on time and energized.

Mic Everyone

  • A DJ who attends the ceremony but fails to mic the wedding couple and officiant is a deal-breaker. The DJ should be responsible for setting up lavalier mics on the wedding couple and officiant. If the guests can’t hear the ceremony, the ceremony isn’t the best it can be.

Know Everyone’s Names

  • Every DJ should know the names of the wedding party and anyone giving a speech at the wedding. This should be done ahead of time to reduce downtime at the reception. I wouldn’t pick a DJ who didn’t commit to doing this.

Know The Wedding Party Order

  • A good DJ will know the order of wedding party members for the grand entrance at the reception. Too many times I see the DJ asking for names and pairings when the wedding party arrives. This is a major time-suck, so please have your DJ be prepared.

Don’t Drink

  • No professional DJ will consume alcohol while working at your wedding. Wedding vendors are there to work. It is unprofessional to drink on the job. I have some stories about DJs that I won’t share. Enough said.


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