How Should A Wedding Photographer Approach My Wedding Day

Do you have a particular photography style?

  • Yes! I capture elegant and exciting wedding photography that encompasses spontaneous moments as well as traditional wedding day portraits. I put great emphasis on capturing the most authentic and meaningful candid photos. I may give simple directions to create the most pleasing images while maintaining the genuine emotion of the moment.

Do you have a fun personality?

  • Yes! I am professional but enjoy keeping the day fun and exciting. I will ease your stress by telling funny anecdotes I am to be one of the most enjoyable Dayton photographers.

Will you be photographing my wedding day?

  • Yes! Every wedding couple gets Kevin Lush’s talent and expertise. I have a reputation for capturing every wedding day moment. This is one thing that makes me a top-rated wedding photographer in Cincinnati and Dayton.

Do you photograph more than one wedding per day?

  • No! On wedding days, I do not book any other sessions. Your wedding day is solely devoted to you! I believe I stay fresh and energetic for your event by only booking your event on that day.

Should I do a special first look on my wedding day?

  • Yes! Couples who do a first look are more relaxed and spend more time together on their wedding day.

Do you take posed family photos (formal photos)?

  • Almost every wedding couple wants these photos taken on their wedding day, so yes!

Will the group photos be time-consuming?

  • No! I work quickly, and I infuse humor into these photos. People who will be photographed should be at the photo location early to be ready at the specified time.

Can guests take pictures at the wedding?

  • As long as I can still do my job (I am being paid) guests can shoot what they want.

How do you return our photographs so quickly (2, 3, or 4 weeks guaranteed)?

  • I spend time on your wedding day getting the show I want, in camera. This saves me a lot of post-processing time.

What Do I Do To Keep The Wedding Day Fun And Friendly?

Part of being a great photographer means making every couple feel comfortable all day long. I am proud to help keep everyone calm and happy at the wedding and reception. Every wedding has its own feel and rhythm, and I try to keep the happy vibes going. Here are some tips for a fun and relaxing wedding day.

Be Funny But Don’t Be The Center Of Attention

  • Having clean jokes or being able to tell a few funny wedding stories helps put everyone at ease. This can put possible wedding day problems into perspective.

Treat Everyone With Respect

  • When I smile and treat people with respect, it creates trust between you and me.

Keep It Cool

  • I shoot a lot of summer weddings, so keeping cool is important and on my mind.

Be A Helper Not Just A Photographer

  • Being hired as a photographer doesn’t just mean I stay behind my camera. At every event, I often help people with non-photography tasks. I do this to be friendly and to help out the couple who has enough to think about.

Everyone Should Feel Included In Front Of The Camera

  • I pride myself on being inclusive in every aspect of my life. Every person at an event gets respectful. treatment from me, regardless of whether they are staff, guests, vendors, or anyone else. I want everyone to feel included in your special day.

What Should My Wedding Photographer Do For Me?

Being a Dayton wedding photographer means that on any given wedding day, I play many different roles. No role is more important than capturing beautiful and memorable images of your day. These are just a few of the additional services that I pride myself on offering during your day.

  • Coordinate with the limo or party bus driver
  • Know where flowers, programs, and favors are
  • Fetch drinks for the bride and groom
  • Provide directions to the wedding and/or reception
  • Direct the wedding couple during the cake-cutting
  • Communicate with the DJ to ensure they have the necessary information
  • Keep everyone on time as much as possible

“Kevin was fantastic! We are in love with our wedding photos! He worked around our changing schedules and took beautiful pictures. We got married at the Dayton Art Institute and wanted to capture the elegant and unique feeling of getting married in a place full of art. He captured all of those feelings. He was kind, funny, and professional.”