How To Have A Successful Sparkler Exit At Your Reception – 7 Tips

Knowing how to have a successful sparkler exit at your wedding reception can be tricky but magical. There are a few major keys to doing this correctly. You can do whatever you want, but I have been to enough of these to know what works. Here are 7 tips to make it work for you and your wedding photographer.

How To Have A Successful Sparkler Exit – Here Are The Steps

Be organized

Have someone in charge of handing out sparklers, another person to collect dead sparklers, and several people to light the sparklers. Trying to daisy-chain the lighting (from one sparkler to the next) isn’t going to work. Try to light as many sparklers at one time as possible. You want all the large sparklers to burn for 2 minutes simultaneously.


Buy good quality, long sparklers. Regular Fourth of July ones from the grocery store aren’t going to cut it.

Organize The Guests

Line everyone up in two single-file parallel lines close together – a blob of humanity will not work and may be dangerous.

Light The Sparklers Quickly

Once the lighting begins, have the people with lit sparklers help light the people next to them – this will make the lighting go quickly as long as enough people are in the initial group.

Communicate The Plan

Have a plan in place for what you are going to do. Are you going to run, walk, throw your hands in the air, kiss, dip, etc? I recommend walking and throwing hands in the air. Once you are near the photographer, kiss for a few seconds then, if you are a bride and groom combo, have the groom dip the bride.

Be Ready – It’ll Start And Finish Quickly

Be ready to enjoy your sparkler tunnel as soon as it is lit. Usually, wedding couples get a chance to go down and back one time before burnout occurs.

Enjoy It And Your Sparkler Exit Will Be A Success

You only get one exit, so make it count!

*The photos below are from a sparkler exit at Magnolia Barn in Miamisburg, Ohio.

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