19 Helpful Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer In Dayton

I have put together 19 helpful questions to ask your wedding photographer which will help you find the perfect one for you.  As a longtime Dayton photographer, I find a lot of my wedding couples ask these questions of me. I hope they are helpful to you as well.

  • Why should I hire you to shoot my Dayton wedding?

  • Can I see a full wedding gallery from the past?

    • Yes!  Please contact me, and I’d be happy to send you a complete wedding photography gallery.

  • Does Kevin photograph my wedding?

    • Yes!  Kevin is the sole photographer and shoots every wedding.

  • Do you require me to pay for you to eat at the reception?

    • No!

  • How many weddings have you photographed?

    • As of March 2023, I have photographed over 225 weddings, 250+ engagement sessions, and more!

  • Do you provide drone videography or drone photography?

    • No, not at this time.

  • Do you provide videography?

    • Yes!  I specialize in Dayton wedding photography and offer highlight videos in two wedding packages.

  • Can you work with the videographer I hired?

    • Sure.  I have worked well side-by-side with Dayton videographers.

  • Can you photograph my Dayton wedding and Dayton reception if the venues are dark or poorly lit?

    • Yes!  I carry my lighting and can adapt it to meet your situation. I have photographed in every lighting situation.

  • Do you need to attend my rehearsal and/or rehearsal dinner?

    • No.  While I haven’t been to every location, I have been to most. I am very adaptable and will analyze your venues when I arrive.

  • Should we give you a list of shots?

    • Yes!  Providing a list of all formal or posed group photos helps me better manage these shots.

  • Do you recommend a certain number of hours?

  • We live out of town, can we still book you?

    • Yes!  I book several wedding couples per year who don’t live in Dayton or Cincinnati.  Contact me and we’ll discuss your needs!

  • Do you shoot LGBTQ+ weddings same-sex weddings or Trans weddings?

    • Yes!  I have photographed several same-sex and Trans weddings and always loved them.  Love is love, and I believe running an inclusive wedding photography business is the only way to do it

  • Can you provide sample wedding day timelines for Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus?

  • Are you one of the best wedding photographers in Dayton?

  • Do I need two wedding photographers?

    • Communication is key when it comes to 2 photographers versus 1.  Many wedding couples believe that having two photographers is very important.  Before dismissing hiring a single photographer,  be sure to learn about how I capture every detail of your big day.  I have gotten the shot every time.

  • Do you work with any assistants at weddings?

    • No.  I have done all weddings on my own and don’t plan to stop. I love it when wedding couples have wedding planners or wedding coordinators.

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19 Helpful Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer In Dayton