Dayton’s Air Force Museum Photos & Engagement Session Location Information

National Museum Of The United States Air Force Description

The National Museum Of The United States Air Force or Air Force Museum is the perfect Dayton engagement session location for aviation enthusiasts, military service members, and air and space lovers. This Riverside Ohio venue (and part of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) is free and open daily to the public 9 am-5 pm. It is rarely busy at 9 am, so this is the ideal time to create aviation-themed engagement photos. It is located on the campus of Wright Patterson AFB and is close to many of Wright Brothers’ historical attractions. I would love to combine engagement photography with my aviation photography.

Fans of aviation will absolutely love the selection of airplanes, helicopters, and artifacts to use as backgrounds. Military service members may have a deep personal connection to a specific aircraft or time period. I create beautiful aviation-themed or military-themed engagement photos. I have photographed several couples here, both inside and outside the museum.

Exhibits such as the Memphis Belle, the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the early aviation gallery, and the Cold War gallery give you plenty of options for textures, colors, and materials. The space gallery is probably the brightest area of the museum and is mainly in the same building as the Presidential Aircraft Gallery.

Lastly, the space shuttle crew compartment trainer takes up considerable space but can provide a good blurred backdrop. The missiles on display can make for a cool floor-to-ceiling wedding couple shot. No matter what exhibit space you use, your photos will be unique.

Reasons You Should Choose: For service-member couples, this museum offer a meaningful destination.

Reasons To Not Choose: It is very dark inside, and there is no natural light.

This is located on the vast campus of Wright-Patt AFB in Dayton Ohio. It is the world’s largest military aviation museum.

Air Force Museum Photography Highlights

  • Address: 1100 Spaatz Street Dayton, OH 45433
  • Military theme
  • Various aircraft
  • Dark and moody
  • Large buildings
  • The presidential gallery allows famous aircraft walkthroughs
  • World War II gallery provides some awesome planes to use as backdrops
  • Many aerospace vehicles and missiles can be used for more abstract backgrounds
  • Also known as the Air Force Museum Dayton Ohio