Baltimore Maryland Inner Harbor Submarine National Aquarium

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in Baltimore Maryland, has great things to see and do for all everyone. For a professional photographer, it offers everything from tourist attractions to off-limits military cargo ships. On my annual trip the Baltimore City in 2023, we drove around and found a lot of really neat subjects to photograph. One of the most surprising was Baltimore’s National Aquarium.

Some of the locations I enjoy photographing are the Domino Sugar factory, Under Armour headquarters, National Aquarium, various marinas, and boat docks. A bonus is seeing any cruise ships that happen to be docked. I try to find something different every time.

Baltimore’s National Aquarium

I don’t normally get excited, but the National Aquarium was fantastic.  I especially loved the architecture inside.  The escalators crisscrossed the property making it a very unique space.

About Baltimore

You can immerse yourself in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, a bustling waterfront district that effortlessly combines culture and entertainment. This iconic area offers a unique blend of maritime heritage and modern innovation, making it a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. The area is rich in sailing history.

Whether you’re seeking a day of educational exploration, cultural enrichment, or simply some beautiful waterfront engagement photos, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor guarantees a great experience.

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