The Space Shuttle Endeavour Is On Display At The California Science Center

In October 2023 I spent 30 minutes at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California. My sole goal for this part of the trip was to photograph NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour. I thought this would be an easy in-and-out stop on my tour of L.A., but I was mistaken. Sometimes you have to go above and beyond in aviation photography.

After a morning north of Los Angeles, I drove south to the science center. As I approached the parking lot, I realized the parking was shared with the Los Angeles soccer team who had a game a couple hours from now. I spent 15 minutes in the parking line, and the parking attendant let me park for free as I was only going to the science center for a few minutes. After parking, I made my way into the science center.

The Endeavour exhibit is split into two parts. The first is upstairs and features a shuttle tire, space toilet, and more. It was nice to see, but I wanted to photograph the shuttle and get to my next destination. After following the somewhat confusing signage, I found the shuttle in a large attached hangar designed specifically for the shuttle. I spent five minutes photographing and admiring this spacecraft and got out of there. Mission complete!

Here is a little bit about NASA’s Endeavour Space Shuttle:

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has captivated the world with its groundbreaking missions and extraordinary contributions to space exploration. As I sit here on this October day in 2023, I reflect on the incredible achievements and legacy of this remarkable spacecraft.
Endeavour, named after the HMS Endeavour captained by James Cook, was the fifth and final space shuttle orbiter. Its first flight took place on May 7, 1992, marking the beginning of a glorious era. Over the next 20 years, Endeavour embarked on 25 missions, traveling over 123 million miles and spending a total of 299 days in space.

Additionally, one of the most memorable missions of the Space Shuttle Endeavour was STS-88, which launched on December 4, 1998. This mission marked the debut of the Unity module, the cornerstone of the International Space Station. Endeavour’s crew conducted critical spacewalks to connect the Unity module with the Russian-built Zarya module, laying the foundation for future international cooperation in space.

Lastly, the Space Shuttle Endeavour represents the relentless human spirit that drives us to push boundaries, explore the unknown, and seek answers to the mysteries of the universe. Its missions have shaped our understanding of space and inspired generations of scientists, engineers, and dreamers.

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