The Space Shuttle Discovery At National Air And Space Museum Dulles International Airport Virginia

The home of the Space Shuttle Discovery is the National Air And Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles Airport in Virginia. This is the single best aviation museum exhibit I have ever seen. This spacecraft sits in a wing on the west side of the museum which sets it apart from other aircraft. I saved this feature aircraft for last to build excitement. It did not disappoint.

This was a late Monday afternoon with only a couple hundred visitors in the entire museum. I generally create my aviation photography with no people in the photos. I want to capture timeless pics of historic airplanes. For the Discovery, I walked around for a while analyzing the best photo angle. I finally settled on the walkway between the main museum and the space gallery. I sat on the floor for some time practicing my final shot.

Once I was ready, I kept my finger on the shutter button. I waited and waited until finally, everyone left the area. I snapped probably 10 images quickly before people walked in front of me. I got the shot I was hoping for when I entered the museum. Regarding museum photography, I think this is a pretty epic shot. The symmetry is beautiful with the overhead satellites. Having people in the photo would have surely taken away from these shots.

Pro-tip: Check out the 2nd-floor restoration area viewing platform to see what they have coming up.

Photography pro-tip: Use a zoom lens from far away to get compression of the Space Shuttle and the background. Use a wide-angle lens up close to get a distorted look at the amazing machine. Zoom in tight to get artistic detail shots that most people do not think to get.

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