Former Ice Cream Cone Factory Wedding And Reception Venue Construction

 Ice Cream Cone Factory Wedding – The Lift Dayton

The Lift in Dayton’s historic Huffman Historic District will become Dayton’s newest wedding and reception venue. This former ice cream cone plant from the early 1900s is undergoing a massive transformation. It will become another Dayton wedding venue in a historic building. These kinds of wedding venues are my favorite to photograph, as they combine history and weddings. The photos below are from June 2021 and show the progress being made to restore and revitalize this great Dayton property. If you have ever wanted to have an ice cream cone factory wedding, this is your place.

2023 Update On Dayton’s Ice Cream Cone Factory Wedding Venue

I have since seen photos of The Lift in its finished state. Wow is it gorgeous! There is so much space and it looks great. They did a great job turning an abandoned small factory into a gorgeous wedding reception venue. The entire building is black and white which means you can make your wedding colors pop. Can you imagine bright floral designs for your wedding day on a black-and-white background? Chef’s kiss!

Having Your Wedding In A Former Factory

Hosting a wedding in a former factory is a unique and captivating concept that effortlessly blends industrial charm with romantic allure. The towering brick walls, exposed beams, and vast open spaces create an atmosphere of raw elegance, allowing couples to weave their love story amidst the intriguing remnants of a bygone era. The interplay of metal and wood, and the juxtaposition of rough textures with delicate decorations, all come together to create a visually stunning backdrop for a truly unforgettable celebration. With a little imagination and creative vision, a former factory can be transformed into a captivating venue that captures the essence of love and pays homage to the beauty of repurposing.