Published Metallica Concert Photography Cincinnati Ohio 2019 CityBeat

Metallica Concert Photography Published in Cincinnati

February 2, 1993, was my very first concert which was Metallica in the front row at E.J. Nutter Center. I had floor seats in the front row on the stage-right side. I spent the evening rocking out to my first heavy metal (or any genre) show, and my life was forever changed. On January 30, 2019, I was able to photograph Metallica for CityBeat. It was an honor, and it was amazing! I stood there thinking about where I had been 26 years before and where I was that day. I was about to create my own Metallica concert photography.

“Metallica rocked U.S. Bank Arena and 16,000 heavy metal fans on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019.  The sub-zero temperatures didn’t keep this band of 38 years from putting on a 2+ hour-long performance that mixed songs from their newest album, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct as well as favorites like …And Justice For All and Master Of Puppets.  During “Moth Info Flame,” a song from the new album, dozens of small lighted drones took to the air and performed intricate maneuvers above the stage.  The show opener was Jim Breuer, an American stand-up comedian, and self-professed Metallica fan.”

My first bucket list show to photograph was Dave Matthews Band. Since August 1998 DMB has been my favorite band. Metallica was number two on my list. I was so excited to get approved for the photo pass, and it lived up to every expectation. The show was in the round and I got to be on the floor for the show. Luckily one of my concert photographer friends recommended I take a stepstool to the arena. This gave me a two-foot advantage over the crowd and allowed me clear shots at the stage. This was also the first show I have ever photographed in the round which provided challenges, especially having only three songs to shoot.

In case you are wondering, Taylor Swift is now my number one concert photography bucket list show.