Brandi Carlile Opened For P!NK At Great American Ball Park In Cincinnati

At P!NK’s 2023 Cincinnati concert, Brandi Carlile put on a hell of a show. She was the opening act ahead of P!NK at Great American Ball Park in July. The majority of the crowd was in place to see Brandi perform with hundreds of people sporting Brandi Carlisle T-shirts. Thanks to Pete Souza, I could anticipate what it would be like when Brandi Carlile opened for P!NK.

Photographing Brandi Carlile Opened For P!NK

Carlile’s musical style is a mix of folk and rock along with lyrics that’ll punch you in the face. She plays beautiful music, and her attitude is second to none. You can see on her face the joy she gets from this career surge she is experiencing.

I was on assignment as a freelance concert photographer for Cincinnati CityBeat, a music and entertainment publication in Cincinnati Ohio.

About Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile, the epitome of talent and raw emotion, captivates audiences with her piercing vocals and soul-stirring lyrics. Hailing from the small town of Ravensdale, Washington, this singer-songwriter has forged her path in the music industry, earning a well-deserved place among the greats.

With a voice that can effortlessly traverse from gentle whispers to fierce belting, Carlile’s vocal range and control are simply awe-inspiring. Each note she sings carries an unwavering intensity, resonating deep within the hearts of listeners and leaving an indelible mark on their souls.

Although it is not only her voice that sets Carlile apart. Her songwriting prowess is equally formidable. Drawing from her own personal experiences, she weaves intricate narratives that explore themes of love, loss, and the pursuit of identity. Her lyrics resonate with authenticity, offering poignant reflections on the complexities of the human condition.


Throughout her career, Carlile has been a relentless advocate for inclusivity and equality. She uses her platform to shed light on social issues that demand our attention. Additionally, her mesmerizing performances serve as a reminder that music has the power to bring people together, inspire change, and heal hearts.

Brandi’s Performances

Whether she’s performing on a grand stage or in an intimate setting, Carlile has a captivating presence that holds her audience in rapt attention. Her live performances are an experience like no other, filled with energy, vulnerability, and an undeniable connection between the singer and her loyal fans.
As her star continues to rise, Brandi Carlile remains a true force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her unwavering dedication to her craft and her unwavering authenticity have endeared her to fans around the world. Lastly, with every song she shares, she invites listeners into her world, creating an emotional journey that will leave an everlasting impact.

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