KC-135R 60-0329 Landing At The National Museum Of The U.S. Air Force Dayton

Every few years a big event happens at Dayton’s National Museum Of The United States Air Force. In 2022 I photographed a KC-135R’s final flight. I had no expectations for this except that I would shoot the plane from the south side of the runway. There was a 10-minute rainless window when the plane could land. And land, it did. These are the photos of the KC-135R 60-0329 landing in Dayton.

Photographing The KC-135R 60-0329 Landing & Last Flight

On a cool Saturday morning, we were ready to see the historic aircraft land in front of us. Instead, we got a very low flyover, probably 150 feet off the ground. This massive refueling aircraft screamed past us right between the photographers and the Air Force Museum. The mid-air aircraft refueler made a loop around the museum before coming in for its final landing. I was one of two photographers who shot the landing of this piece of aviation history on behalf of the museum. It is such an honor to be an aviation photographer!

The KC-135R, also known as the Stratotanker, is a remarkable aerial refueling aircraft that plays an essential role in military operations. This formidable and versatile aircraft, operated primarily by the United States Air Force, possesses the ability to refuel a variety of aircraft in mid-flight, extending their range and capability. The KC-135R boasts an impressive fuel capacity, enabling it to carry up to 31,000 gallons of fuel. With its elongated fuselage and distinctive tail boom, the Stratotanker stands out in the sky. Offering exceptional speed and endurance, the KC-135R serves as a crucial lifeline, effortlessly transferring fuel to other aircraft during critical missions, demonstrating its indispensable nature in modern warfare and ensuring a smooth flow of operations for aerial forces.