Dayton Marriage Proposal Photographer And Engagement Photographer

On a beautiful Saturday evening in April 2021, I photographed my third marriage proposal. This marriage proposal took place at Cox Arboretum MetroPark near Dayton and was followed by a fun-filled engagement session. This newly engaged couple was so much fun and was open to all of my suggestions. As Cox Arboretum is a very popular engagement photography location in Dayton, I tried hard to get unique and different engagement photos for this couple. These are some of my favorite engagement photographs ever. Thank you! I love being a Dayton wedding photographer, Dayton engagement photographer, Dayton photographer, and Dayton marriage proposal photographer!

As with my second marriage proposal photography session, this was in good weather but with no leaves on the tree. Both engagements were on bridges but at different parks. The big difference with this one was that the bride-to-be cried. This was great for me to photograph, and I gave them plenty of time to talk before starting their engagement photos.

Review Of My Marriage Proposal Work

Here is the review/testimonial the great couple left for me on Google. It was my pleasure! “He was a great professional who helped in selecting the perfect location. A great photographer that’s easy to work with! We got so many amazing pictures that we love sharing with our family and friends.”

Pro Tip For Planning A Proposal

I have a pro tip for anyone who is planning a proposal and engagement in one session. Make sure your partner is either dressed for photos or has a spare outfit. This is tricky because he or she will know something is up. For the few brides-to-be I have done like this, they have all been very happy with the engagement (obviously) and the pictures have turned out great.

Marriage Proposal Photography Is Fun

Marriage proposal photography is one of the most exciting types of photography for a wedding photographer to capture. It is a moment of pure love, joy, and anticipation that marks the beginning of a couple’s journey. Being a witness to that moment is truly a privilege, and capturing it in photographs that will be cherished for years to come is an honor I don’t take lightly. Each proposal is unique, and that is precisely what makes them so special.

One of my favorite things about marriage proposal photography is the surprise. The man (so far only men have hired me) proposing often goes to great lengths to ensure that the moment is unexpected. As the photographer, I get to be a part of that plan, working behind the scenes to capture the surprise and delight on the couple’s faces when they realize what is happening.

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