I Photographed The Cincinnati Reds Vs St. Louis Cardinals

In May 2023 I was granted a Cincinnati Red’s media pass through CityBeat, a publication I shoot concert for. I don’t follow sports and don’t enjoy watching sports. As I grew up on Red’s baseball, I thought it would be fun to photograph an MLB game. When my pass came through for the Reds vs St. Louis Cardinals on May 23, 2023, I was thrilled. Check out my CityBeat photos here or see my favorites from Reds Cardinals 2023 below.

Photography Minor League Baseball To Learn

Many years ago photographed my first Dayton Dragons professional baseball team in Dayton, Ohio. I have since shot them 4 times. I was told I would never be allowed to photograph a Major League Baseball game and to not bother trying to get a pass. For years, I hadn’t tried. Wow. I sure am glad that I did this year!

Reds Cardinals 2023

I spent two hours learning the Great American Ball Park etiquette from the other photographers in the Photo Dark Room, deep within GABP. When it was time to shoot the game, we started in the first base photo well, and area just to the left of the visiting dugout. It is one of 5 spots I was permitted to shoot from. During the first seven innings of the game, I shot from here as well as both home plate photo wells and the first base photo well. Each spot had its strengths, but I liked the first base (home dugout) photo well the best. I was literally 3 feet away from the Reds when they entered and exited the dugout. What an experience.

When I first arrived, I went to the press box to check it out. To my surprise, it is on the third baseline with a perfect view of everything in the stadium. I took only one photo from here to commemorate the moment.

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