Seattle Travel Photos From Land And Sea

Seattle Washington was the most amazing place I have visited in the last 25 years. My wife and I have been to beaches, big cities, mountains, deserts, and islands. For me, it doesn’t get any better than Seattle Washington, and the Pacific Northwest. Five stars is not a high enough rating for this part of North America. Taking a boat cruise past the dry docks was extremely cool. Creating Seattle travel -photos from land and sea was a huge goal of mine.

My Approach To Creating Seattle Travel Photos From Land And Sea

I love everything boat, train, and plane related. When we approached the ships below, I knew exactly what I was looking at. I recognized the dry dock as well as the U.S. Navy jet boat that was being worked on. The destroyer that was docked, in the first photo, looks so imposing head-on.

Other Seattle attractions we loved were the Space Needle, Sky View Observatory, Museum of Pop Culture, the Seattle Monorail, REI flagship store, and the Seattle Spheres (Amazon). In just one day we logged more than 40,000 steps doing just some of these fun Seattle attractions. Growing up a fan of grunge music like Pearl Jam and Nirvana, I was in love with the Museum of Pop Culture’s two exhibits on the bands. The exhibits were extra powerful because the bands were formed in and around Seattle. The Pearl Jam exhibit is leaving in 2023.

The other photos are of various sites we loved. An underrated but beautiful building downtown is the Seattle Public Library. I chose to photograph in black and white because the sky wasn’t beautiful that day. The angles on this place are outrageous.

One of the fun things I did alone was to go running in the morning. I ran from the W Hotel Seattle down to Puget Sound and then about a mile north of there. Once you pass the cruise terminal you can get right up to the water. Two of the photos below are of a very small and rocky beach just north of Pike’s Place Market.

I love Seattle so much, and I love to create incredible travel photography.

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