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In late 2023 I completed my second commercial photography job at a local airport. OnFlight Aviation hired me for the second time to photograph the Embraer Praetor 500 aircraft and ground operations. They are a charter service out of Cincinnati’s Lunken Airport. They are preparing to become the local Embraer Authorized Service Center, and I hope to be back to capture that as well.

I love aviation photography and have made it one of two free-time activities When I got the call from OnFlight, I was ecstatic. Once I found out what I’d be photographing, I was even more excited. The Praetor 500 is a beautiful executive jet that can go across country and even across the Atlantic. The beautifully appointed aircraft is spotless.

When I arrived, the plane was waiting for me in a beautiful white hangar. I immediately began photographing this aircraft from every angle. I directed the aircraft maintainer since I was given suggestions and must-get shots. The plane sat on the apron outside. I photographed it being tugged to a good spot. I was even able to get on a scissors life to get 20 feet in the air. This was a first for me I love being an aviation photographer and a commercial photographer in Dayton and Cincinnati.

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