I Photographed 2022 Dayton Dragons Professional Baseball Game

In August 2022 I photographed another Dayton Dragons professional baseball game at Day Air Ballpark in downtown Dayton Ohio. I normally don’t photograph sports, but it has been a while since I last photographed a minor-league baseball game. The staff at the ballpark is excellent, and the facilities can’t be beaten. This game was between the Lansing Lugnuts and the Dayton Dragons. I photograph a Dayton Dragons game once every few years whenever the mood strikes me.

Photographing A 2022 Dayton Dragons Professional Baseball Game

At each game, I start with a few wide-angle shots of the entire field from up high in the press box. This is always before the game starts, as I don’t want to disturb any of the journalists who are hard at work. Just before the game begins I walk around the concourse to see what is new in the stadium. I then make my way to the first base side where I enter the field through a hole in the net.

My place during the game is between the first base dugout and the bullpen practice mound, behind the rain tarp. Yes, it is as glamorous as it sounds. Due to the possibility of foul balls, I have to pay 100% attention to the pitcher and batter. During downtime, I love photographing the players in the visiting dugout. I get a unique view looking directly down from where I am. I enjoy being a Dayton commercial photographer.

The Dayton Dragons hold a special place in the hearts of baseball fans in Dayton, Ohio. As the city’s Minor League Baseball team, the Dragons have been entertaining and thrilling spectators for years. With their passionate fan base and remarkable stadium, Day Air Ball Park, the Dragons create a truly electric atmosphere.

The Dragons’ home stadium, is a sight to behold. Renowned for its picturesque views of the downtown Dayton skyline, this great inner city facility provides fans with an unparalleled baseball experience. From the lush green grass to the meticulously maintained infield, every detail is designed to enhance the enjoyment of the game. Every seat is a good seat, and parking is very easy.

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