The Best Plane Spotting Location At LAX Los Angeles International Airport Is Clutter’s Park

The number one destination for my 2023 Los Angeles trip was Clutter’s Park, just south of LAX Los Angeles International Airport. This park was made famous in my world by the crazy brothers on the L.A. Flights YouTube channel. Josh and Peter plane spot LAX from this park several days a week, and being an aviation photographer, I had to see it for myself. Finally, I was about to be at the best plane spotting location at LAX. This is the most amazing plane spotting I have ever done.

Perfect Plane Spotting Location At LAX

Clutter’s Park is located at 423 E Imperial Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245, and sits atop a hilly neighborhood street. I had no idea what to expect because the YouTube channel rarely shows anything but the hosts and the airplanes at LAX. There are a few benches in this park and a fence to lean on. There is a decent sidewalk as well. Don’t expect any green space or place to play. This is simply a nice little area to sit or stand and watch the hundreds of aircraft moving around LAX.

In front of the park, beyond the road and buildings in the magnificent LAX. Closest to the park is Runway 25 Left followed by Runway 25 Right. Then comes the massive airport terminals including Tom Bradley International. Beyond the terminals are Runway 24 Left and Runway 24 Right. Additionally, to the northwest of the park are giant maintenance hangars and ultimately the Pacific Ocean. To the northeast is a hazy downtown Los Angeles.

This park has no restrooms, food, water, or play areas.  I am not even sure where the closest restrooms are, but some can be found 15 minutes away at In-N-Out Burger.  This is basically a small viewing area right off the sidewalk.  Don’t expect to have a place for your kids to play while you watch airplanes take off and land.  There is a convenience store about 1/2 mile west of the park, so stop there to get snacks and drinks.

Lastly, Clutter’s Parks is one of the three best LAX plane spotting locations and one of the best plane spotting locations in the world. Other LAX plane spotting locations are Bat Bridge (nickname), the Economy Parking garage, and of course the famous In-N-Out LAX.

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