Cloudy Fall Wedding And Reception At The Busiest Park In The Dayton Area

On a misty Autumn Saturday afternoon in October, I photographed my 233rd wedding, and my second at Cox Arboretum MetroPark this Fall.  The wedding would take place in the glass-walled atrium “Huffman Gallery with the reception taking place in the Fifth Third Conference Center to the south.  One of the most interesting getting-ready areas at any wedding venue is the MeadWestvaco Theatre.  The Arboretum staff was available to assist throughout the day, and their “private event” signs kept non-wedding guests away.

The Groom And Father Of The Groom

First up was the groom and father who chose to finalize their wedding prep on the back porch by the porch swings and fireplace.  The area is one of only two outdoor areas that is safe from rain.  Later in the day, we had to shift our family photos and formal photos to this covered area, as light rain kept forcing us to change locations.  I sacrificed my new sweater and camera by standing in the rain while the wedding party and families remained dry.  It was a fun and successful formal photography session.

The Bride Getting Ready

The bride, upon my arrival, was ready to get dressed to get moving with her day.  Whenever possible I enjoy photographing the dress while still on the hanger.  Since the Arboretum staff was present, I obtained permission to hang the dress on the beautiful lattice work in the building.  The dress photos had a cool dimension to them with light coming through squares behind them.  Once the bride was dressed, it was up to me to determine a first-look location.

Scouting Locations At Cox Arboretum

In a matter of 30 seconds, I had to consider the various locations at Cox combined with the incoming rain and the need for some privacy for the couple.  I enjoy on-the-go problem-solving to get the best for my wedding clients.  I decided to use the picnic area overlooking the Monet Bridge and the fall foliage.  Many people would choose the small bridge, but there is very limited space for the photographer to work.  So, in this couple’s photos, you can see the lake, bridge, and yellow and red trees.  The photos from this area turned out great.

The Wedding Portraits

After a truly sweet first look, the wedding couple looked to me for photography ideas.  I took them for a 45-minute walk, seemingly stopping every fifty feet to entertain some great photograph ideas I had.  We had to stop under trees several times to avoid the rain, but this just gave me more ideas!  This couple was awesome for giving me so much time to be creative and to try things.  I also want to thank them for not being scared of a little rain.  The outdoor part of the day turned out beautifully.

The Beautiful Wedding Ceremony At Cox Arboretum

The wedding took place in the main hallway of the Arboretum with floor to ceiling glass walls allowing beautiful natural light to bath the wedding and guests.  It was honestly some of the best light I’ve ever had for a wedding ceremony.  Following the ceremony was a class, typical wedding reception in the small room at the north end of the building.  Kohler Catering catered a great wedding meal with great service.  The music was a simple iPad and Bluetooth speaker, which was perfect.  Toasts were made, cake was cut, and dances were danced.  This Cox Arboretum wedding day was the best one I’ve ever had.

I do hold a 2023 MetroParks photography permit.

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