An Early Morning Engagement Session At Dayton’s Most Diverse Park

Cox Arboretum engagement photos are always beautiful and enjoyable. This newly engaged couple was willing to try so many poses and locations during this engagement session at Dayton’s most diverse park. The bride-to-be had a smile that was so contagious (and surprising for so early in the morning) A lot of laughter occurred, which made the photos so much more fun and more natural. I always love the natural expressions and emotions that couples bring out in each other. These two were two of the best and most expressive.

What can I say about this park? I am starting to think that a minimum of 90 minutes per session should be required. Between the over-crowded areas, waiting for our turn at locations, and long walks, it is becoming harder to take good photos here. Try to avoid this park on high school dance nights, especially prom. I’ve made that mistake too many times. While most photographers are cognisant of other photographers, many people are not.

Capture Magical Moments: The Benefits of an Early Morning Portrait Session

Rise with the sun and unlock a world of enchantment with an early morning portrait session. As the world awakens, you and your loved ones can bask in the soft, golden light that lends a dreamlike touch to every frame. Here are some of the countless benefits of embracing the early morning hours for your photo shoot.

Embrace Serenity

Early mornings bring a sense of tranquility that is unmatched. Before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, you can stroll through landscapes or explore settings in solitude. This serene atmosphere creates a calm and relaxed environment, allowing your natural emotions and connections to shine through every click of the camera.

Glorious Lighting

The first rays of the morning sun cast a gentle, warm glow on everything it touches. This exquisite light works like magic, lending a soft and ethereal quality to your portraits. It beautifully enhances skin tones, highlights the delicate details, and creates a natural, radiant ambiance that is difficult to replicate at any other time of the day.

Beat the Heat

Summer months can bring scorching temperatures, making outdoor photo shoots uncomfortable for everyone involved. By scheduling an early morning portrait session, you can avoid the blistering heat and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and at ease. No more worrying about sweaty brows or melting makeup – just pure enjoyment of the moment.

Minimal Distractions

As the day progresses, the world comes alive with activities, crowds, and noises. By booking an early morning session, you escape the chaos and distractions. This allows you to focus solely on capturing authentic moments and genuine emotions without interruptions. Whether it’s at a picturesque park, a serene beach, or amid the urban charm of a city, the absence of distractions will allow connect with one another.

Time for Adventure

Embracing the early morning for your portrait session opens up a world of opportunities for adventurous locations. From stunning landscapes painted with the first light to architectural marvels bathed in the glow of a new day, you can choose from a plethora of locations that are often off-limits during peak hours. Let your imagination run wild as you embark on an enchanting adventure to create timeless memories.

At Kevin Lush Photography, I believe that the early morning hours hold a special kind of magic, offering an exceptional setting for your portrait session. I hopefully have mastered the art of capturing these moments of beauty, ensuring that your images will tell the story of your love. Book your early morning portrait session today!

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