Northmont High School Senior Pictures Downtown Dayton

I photographed my first Northmont High School senior pictures session last summer. He wanted some downtown Dayton photos as well as photos at his high school baseball field. We started at the Oregon District, working our way through the streets. To change it up for him, we exited 5th Street and turned left on Patterson. There is a beautiful mural wall that we used for photos. I was looking forward to the second half at the high school.

We then traveled to the west side of Northmont High School where he was a student. Wearing his baseball jersey, he created several baseball-related poses for me. I love suggestions, and I took his. From that point, I tweaked these to make the best senior photos I could. This session was somewhat tough because he was wearing jeans. I tried to take most of the photos from the waist up to sell the idea of him on the baseball team. Either way, the photos turned out great. Next time someone wants to incorporate a sport, I will suggest a full uniform. The senior and his parents were thrilled with the photos, and that is what matters most.

I hope to be hired to create even more Northmont High School senior pictures!