Madison Square Garden Empty Arena Photos 2023

During the summer of 2023, I had the opportunity for a quick trip to New York City, my sixth. I took my nephew on a sightseeing trip to some of NYC’s most iconic locations. Near the top of that list for me, a concert photographer and concert lover was touring Madison Square Garden. This is the most famous venue in the world, and I had to photograph it.

The tour guide took us around the inside of the venue and gave us tons of information.  He showed us the ring of photos that show 365 historic events that occurred there, one per day.  We got to sit in the press and see the locker rooms of the Rangers and the Knicks.  For the sports fans on the tour, that was a highlight.  For me, there was something much better to come.

Madison Square Garden Tour High Point

This was a great tour of the history of MSG but the real high point for me was being able to be on the arena floor with almost no one else in the building. As a concert photographer, I love the musicians and music. I also love getting behind the scenes in these venues such as MSG. So when we walked down to the floor and were allowed to photograph freely.

There was a stage set up at one end for the 6-night residency of Phish. So yeah, the floor was empty of people but had a stage. That was great for me. I was really glad there was no basketball court or hockey ice which would be there at other parts of the year. Madison Square Garden is home to the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers.

In 2022 I had taken my wife to night 1 of Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden. It was a life-changing concert and ignited my love of this venue. I was very excited in 2023 to revisit it. Next on my must-do list is to photograph a concert here.

Future me here: Later this year I’d get to tour the most awesome stadium I’ve ever been to, SoFi Stadium in L.A.  Also check out my other unique New York City photos!